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A relay is a switch controlled by an electrical circuit in which, by means of a coil and an electromagnet or a semiconductor electronic circuit, a set of one or more contacts is activated that allow the opening or closing of other contacts. independent electrical circuits. Frequently the load connected to the output consumes more than the control that excites it or else we want to electrically isolate both parts and it is for this reason that we need these devices called relays. In this way we will have two fundamental types of relays:

  • Electromechanical : based on an electromagnet that pushes on the contacts, closing or opening them together
  • Solid state : inside there is a semiconductor electronic circuit and the switching time, as it is not something mechanical, is practically instantaneous, which makes them valid to connect to coils and other loads that have many commutations consecutive

Special mention have the bistable relays that are relays that when applying voltage to the coil the voltage makes the relay work, but when the voltage is removed, it does not return it to the original position. We could say that they have interlocking. Frequently, those of this type usually have two coils.

In this section you will find the following sections:

Miniature relays : they are electromechanical relays for low signal, generally used in telecommunications and / or switching of small loads

Conventional Relays : in this section we have electromechanical relays of general application located with up to about 16A of switching capacity

High Power Relays : They are electromechanical relays too. Above 30A, such as relays with faston terminals that are commonly used in the automotive industry

Relay Bases and Accessories : when we want to install a relay in an electrical panel, we resort to relay sockets for din rail. These and other accessory devices for relays is what you will find in this section

Telephone Relays : It is a particular type of relay that is excited with the voltage of the telephone call. They also have connection terminals.

Relays and Reed Ampoules : it is an electrical switch activated by a magnetic field. When the contacts are normally open they close in the presence of a magnetic field; when they are normally closed they open in the presence of a magnetic field. There are also switched.

Solid State Relays : already mentioned above.

Timed Relays : it is common to have to make timings, in such a way that there are cyclical ones, delay to the connection, that deliver a pulse, etc. Even multifunction in which we can configure the specific function of the timer and the time. example a lamppost.

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