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What is Arduino?

Arduino is a company that develops free software and hardware, as well as an international community that designs and manufactures hardware development boards to create digital devices and interactive devices that can detect and control real-world objects. Arduino aims to unite and facilitate the use of electronic programming and embedded systems in multidisciplinary projects. The products sold by the company are distributed as free hardware and software, under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), 1 allowing the manufacture of Arduino boards and distribution of the software by anyone. individual. Arduino boards are commercially available as assembled boards or also as DIY kits. Arduino board designs use various microcontrollers and microprocessors. Generally, the hardware consists of an Atmel AVR microcontroller, connected under the "minimal system" configuration on a printed circuit board to which expansion cards known as shields can be connected. thanks to the arrangement of the input and output ports on the selected board. The shields complement the functionality of the board model used, adding external circuits, sensors and communication modules to the original board. Often these shield are also called shields or hats

At Electronica Embajadores we have original Arduino boards as we are official distributors of the main brands in this sector: Arduino, Sparkfun Electronics, Adafruit, Seeed Studio, Pololu but we also have some compatible ones of proven quality.

Along with the plates and/or the Arduino shield, there are other very related complements, but they are not inside this section because only in this area, bells are used in common use in electronics. Some of these are detailed here:

Arduino Cables , Sensors , Displays , TFT displays , Motors and Servomotors , Motor Drivers , Bluetooth Modules , GPS Modules , GSM Modules , Relay Modules , Real time modules RTC , RFID Modules , Neopixel - WS2812, etc.

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